It’s been how long?

My wife made a comment this morning that I should update my website as it had been a while since anything changed. I couldn’t remember when I last posted, so I had a look… 18th February! I can’t believe it, six months has past and I haven’t written one post. I will offer no excuses, as there are none that can justify such a long period of inactivity.

However, so much has happened in that six months. The biggest event is that Susanna and I have moved to Seattle in Washington State, USA. (For those of you that don’t know us, we used to live in London, UK.) The reason: I’ve moved over with my company. I’m still doing the same job as a Consultant to the mobile content world, but now I’m doing it in America.

We are both so excited to be here. It’s been a beautiful summer (which isn’t over yet) and we have found a lovely place to live with a fantastic lake view. We are really happy to be here and would like to thank everyone who have helped us in our first couple of months.

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