Released: Modify Headers 0.6.12 and 0.7.0beta1

There are 2 releases this week. Version 0.6.12 provides backwards compatibility for Firefox 3.0. Versions 0.6.8 – 0.6.11 used a native JSON library not bundled with Firefox 3.0.

Version 0.6.12 of Modify Headers is the last version that will support Firefox 3.0.

Modify Headers 0.7.0beta1 contains the first of the configuration UI improvements:

  1. Headers can be reordered using drag and drop.
  2. When adding a new entry, the header name field provides auto-completion.
  3. The auto-complete is pre-populated with common HTTP request header names.

Both versions can be downloaded from, 0.7.0beta1 is available from the beta channel.

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