Firefox Addons Update

I’ve been getting a few requests for an update on Modify Headers, so here we go:

  • Follow occasional updates on Twitter at
  • The update for Firefox 4 is complete. Before submitting to Mozilla, the export/import facility is getting a much needed overhaul.
  • The export function is complete and the import function is under development.
  • The Open in a new tab feature has been disabled due to problems on Macs with prefwindow. The configuration will open only as a separate window in the next version.
  • The help pages hosted at are failing. disabled PHP due to a security concern on their platform.
  • I will move the hosting for the help pages to this website, come back soon for an announcement of the URL.

Once the new version of Modify Headers is submitted to AMO, I’ll start on the update for XHTML Mobile Profile.

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