Released: Modify Headers 0.6.8

Just before the release of the new version, Modify Headers hit One Million Downloads at Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the addon and uses it regularly for whatever you need. Getting to this milestone spurs me on to continue development of new and improved features.

Version 0.6.8 of Modify Headers has been released at If you already have the addon installed, Firefox will automatically update.

Changes in this version:

  • Refactoring to support Firefox 4
  • An Improved preferences window
  • Rewritten Export/Import wizard. JSON is now used as the export format. The old XML export format can still be imported for backwards compatibility
  • The Open in a new tab preference has been discontinued due to a problem on Macs

Plans for the next version include:

  • Drag and Drop re-ordering
  • Icons for the preference bar

If you need help, please see the help pages. These pages require updating for the latest version. Please be patient while this is in progress.

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