Problems with Modify Headers 0.6.8 Window

A fair few people have contacted me regarding some of the changes in Modify Headers 0.6.8. So here is an update regarding the changes and what is happening to fix them.

Change 1: Not allowing the Modify Headers window to resize.
The addon window was switched to use a special type of window called a prefwindow. This is so a toolbar can be shown above the content using the same style as in the Firefox Preferences window. This is in preparation for when site specific profiles will be added to the addon. In the Preferences System documentation, the suggested mechanism for opening the window is:

var features = "chrome,titlebar,toolbar,centerscreen,modal";
window.openDialog(url, "Preferences", features);

This results in the window not being resizeable when it is opened. I tried long and hard before the release of 0.6.8 to find a combination of options that enabled the window to be resizeable, including use of the “resizeable=yes” feature. But I was unable to find the solution.

Change 2: Disabling the Open-As-Tab feature
The switch to using the prefwindow caused the browser to resize when opened in a tab. You can test this yourself by pasting chrome://modifyheaders/content/preferences.xul in a new tab. I felt that this was not a desirable behaviour when opening the addon in a new tab and decided to disable it while finding a solution.

With both changes, I decided the best way forward was to release the new version to provide the Firefox 4 support and press forward to find fixes and follow-up quickly with a new release.

What’s being done?

I can confirm that fixes for both issues have been found and are going through final testing. A beta release with these updates is available at Scroll down until you see the section called Beta channel below the image gallery.

Release 0.6.9 will be uploaded to very soon.

Note: if you install the beta, you will then continue to get ONLY beta releases until you switch back to the main release. Beta versions do not go through the Mozilla review process, so please be sure you want to get beta versions before installing this.

Finally, my apologies if this has caused any problems for users. In future, I will make use of the beta channel to test out new ideas and to work out problems. Hopefully, a few of you will be kind enough to install the beta and provide feedback.

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