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PHP and Cygwin

I’ve been having some problems with PHP and Apache 2 on windows recently. I would be doing some development work and refreshing the page to test progress and after some short time Apache would stall and require a restart. I … Continue reading

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Must-have Security Tools

Computer security is never too important. There are people out there trying to find out your passwords, account details and other personal information. Don’t panic! has a great article recommending The 10 Best Free Security Tools. Some of these … Continue reading

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Announcing Mailfrom v0.1: compose mailto links in webmail

I’m pleased to announce a new Firefox addon, Mailfrom, that enables mailto links to be composed in your favourite webmail service. Version 0.1 is an early access release and provides support for GMail and Yahoo Mail only. If you wish … Continue reading

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Released: Modify Headers 0.6.3

Happy New Year to you all. Before Christmas I released version 0.6.3 of Modify Headers. This version adds support for the Firefox 3 beta 2. For current users this will automatically update, otherwise, please download from Mozilla Addons. Update: XHTML … Continue reading

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Announcing: XHTML Mobile Profile v0.5.2 for Firefox

Yesterday, version 0.5.2 of the XHTML Mobile Profile add-on for Firefox was released. Please install from Mozilla Add-ons. This is the second bugfix release of version 0.5, (which was not announced when released last month, oops). Version 0.5 adds support … Continue reading

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Released: Modify Headers 0.6.0

Version 0.6.0 of Modify Headers is now available. The main new feature for version 0.6.0 is the ability to export and import headers. The wizard can be found on the configuration tab. Please post any bugs to

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The Actor Gareth Hunt

I was very sad to hear of the death yesterday of the British actor, Gareth Hunt. A number of people have been coming to this website in search of information about him. More information can be found at the BBC … Continue reading

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Released: XHTML Mobile Profile 0.3.7

This release adds the string [XHTML-MP] to the title of a document that is being handled using the XHTML Mobile Profile addon. Go to Mozilla Update to install.

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Finding a Theme

Today the Firefox addon, Web Developers Toolbar, was updated. After restarting, none of the icons were displayed on the toolbar. The problem was the theme used: Phoenity. Turns out that Phoenity is no longer supported by its author. So looking … Continue reading

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My First Birdie

About two months ago, we decided to take some golf lessons. I had not had lessons before, but had hacked around the nine hole municipal course near Caerleon in South Wales more than ten years ago. So after taking a … Continue reading

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