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Using XUL prefwindow and prefpanes

The combination of <prefwindow> and <prefpane>‘s provides Firefox addon developers with an effective mechanism for creating a preferences dialog. The best example of <prefwindow> usage is the Firefox options dialog. This tech note will focus on getting all the elements … Continue reading

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Released: Mailfrom 0.2.5 and Future Development

Mailfrom 0.2.5 was released today.  This version fixed a defect to provide Firefox 3.6 compatibility and provides support for Windows Live Hotmail. I’ve realised for some time that Firefox now provides limited out-of-the-box support for Yahoo Mail and GMail as … Continue reading

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Firefox 3.6 Compatibility

Quick update on Firefox 3.6.  Modify Headers and XHTMLMP have both been successfully tested in beta 4.  The max version for each has been bumped at AMO and both are now available for install into 3.6. Initial Mailfrom testing has … Continue reading

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Running with Pineapples

I’m going to be running the Winter Pineapple Classic, a 5K (3 mile) ‘fun’ run over obstacles on Saturday November 14. The event is to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Any and all donations are gratefully accepted and can … Continue reading

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Released: Modify Headers 0.6.6

Back in April I released Modify Headers 0.6.6.  This version fixes a bug in the import function introduced in 0.6.5. This last weekend, I tested Modify Headers, XHTML Mobile Profile and Mailfrom on Firefox 3.5b4 successfully.  All the addons are … Continue reading

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Release: Modify Headers 0.6.5

Modify Headers 0.6.5 was released over the weekend. This adds a new column on the list of headers to provide a comment for each entry. In addition an enhancement to float the admin window to the top if a user … Continue reading

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It’s good to be back

At long last I’ve been able to get the blog back up and running after almost a month of down time.  At the end of June my webhost had a double disk failure on the server that hosts the virtual … Continue reading

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Released: Modify Headers 0.6.4 and XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3

Both Modify Headers and XHTML Mobile Profile have been updated this week. Version 0.6.4 of Modify Headers fixes a nsIObserver interface problem with the add-on working in Firefox 3 beta. XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3 adds support for the content type … Continue reading

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Mailfrom 0.2 Released

Mailfrom 0.2 was released over the weekend. This adds support for AOL Mail and handling for subject lines in mailto links. Download from Mozilla Addons.

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Cygwin: died waiting for dll loading

Over the weekend I was trying to use mod_rewrite with apache 2 webserver for cygwin and kept getting the following error: 11086085 [main] httpd2 4492 fork: child 5492 – died waiting for dll loading, errno 11 It seemed obvious that … Continue reading

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