Released: Modify Headers 0.5.4

Now that Firefox 2 has been released and the Modify Headers upgrade to support it completed, I have finally got round to fixing an usability issue that has been irritating me for a while.

Previously when clicking the Edit button, the header name and value would be placed in the appropriate text box, but the action select would not change, it would always be stuck on Add. Now, this has been resolved.

Firefox auto-update will handle this for most people, but if you don’t have Modify Headers, go install it from Mozilla Update.

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Released: XHTML Mobile Profile 0.3.6

This point release provides support for Firefox 2 final release. Please install from Mozilla Update.

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Mobilizing this blog

Volantis has released a tool that enables anybody to mobilize their website. The mobilization does not happen on the fly, instead this service takes a copy of the content and transforms it into a device independent format. Predefined rules are then used to adapt the content for different types of device.

To mobilize your website, click on Start Here and follow the instructions. To see what this blog looks like, see

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Released: Modify Headers 0.5.3

This release simply provides the version number for Firefox 2. It will allow Modify Headers to be installed on the release candidates and the final 2.0 version. As always, install at Mozilla Update.

Please report any issues at

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Released: Modify Headers 0.5.2

This new release provides support for Firefox 2.0b2, Flock, Seamonkey and the Mozilla Suite. The install for all browsers can be found at Mozilla Update. (This works for Flock too).

Please report any issues at

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New Release: Modify Headers 0.5.2 for Nvu

A user of Nvu asked for Modify Headers to be ported to the mozilla based editor. Version 0.5.2 for Nvu is now available.

If there are any issues, please post them in bugzilla.

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Beta testers wanted

I’m in the process of porting Modify Headers to Flock and Seamonkey. If anyone is interested in beta testing these versions prior to release, please mail me at modifyheaders-owner _at_

The Flock version is ready to go, but the Seamonkey version is going to take some more work.

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It’s been how long?

My wife made a comment this morning that I should update my website as it had been a while since anything changed. I couldn’t remember when I last posted, so I had a look… 18th February! I can’t believe it, six months has past and I haven’t written one post. I will offer no excuses, as there are none that can justify such a long period of inactivity.

However, so much has happened in that six months. The biggest event is that Susanna and I have moved to Seattle in Washington State, USA. (For those of you that don’t know us, we used to live in London, UK.) The reason: I’ve moved over with my company. I’m still doing the same job as a Consultant to the mobile content world, but now I’m doing it in America.

We are both so excited to be here. It’s been a beautiful summer (which isn’t over yet) and we have found a lovely place to live with a fantastic lake view. We are really happy to be here and would like to thank everyone who have helped us in our first couple of months.

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Must-have… Modify Headers

Yesterday I went looking for recommended Thunderbird extensions and found an article, published Wednesday at Newsforge, about Must-have Firefox and Thunderbird extensions. To my surprise, on page 2 under Web developer tools, was listed Modify Headers.

It’s great to know your work is appreciated.

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XHTML Mobile Profile 0.3.5 released

A new version of the XHTML Mobile Profile (0.3.5) has been released. This adds support for when the xhtml namespace is not provided in the root html node of the page source. Please download from Mozilla Update.

If you find any issues or have any suggestions, please submit them to bugzilla.

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